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Hopefully, the same way you choose any other medical professional – a primary care physician or a specialist. You do your research.

People often Google and read the reviews. Some ask for the recommendation of their physician, others ask around in the community. Patients may also contact their insurance carriers for the list of PT providers or simply choose the most conveniently located office. All of the above are reasonable options.

Ultimately, it is YOUR choice to make. You want to be committed to the place/provider(s) that you trust with their education, expertise, experience and professional ethics. Physical therapy is a serious commitment and it requires confidence in your recovery.

Physical therapy in the state of Maryland is a direct access. It means you have complete freedom to select the provider of your choice.
Physical therapists in the state of Maryland are the providers with what is called a direct access. No referral is needed for a physical therapist to evaluate and treat a patient. However, sometimes a referral from your doctor may be required, depending on an individual insurance policy. Regardless, we always appreciate and welcome your doctor’s referral even if it is not needed for formal coverage/insurance reimbursement. *

See Insurance Coverage and contact your company for specific details on your policy.*
Your first visit will begin with a comprehensive evaluation, followed by a treatment. As we treat the whole body, not just your body part, please wear comfortable, loose clothing (shirts, t-shirt, halter top, etc.) and footwear. However, we always have gowns and disposable shorts for you to change into, if needed.

Bring your insurance card, your doctor’s referral/script (if you have or need one – see Reimbursement), a list of your current medications and any other relevant medical information you may have (X-Ray, MRI results, surgical reports, etc.).

Your first session in physical therapy will be at least one hour and will include a thorough evaluation and treatment. You should expect to spend 45 to 60 minutes in follow-up therapy sessions.

Your treatment will depend on your diagnosis and condition. Some treatment techniques may be uncomfortable but they will never be unbearable. Some treatments are quite comfortable and bring about no discomfort.

As your body may need intensive intervention, it may take some time to get all the structures “aligned” and working as they should. We will take all the necessary time to make that happen and will provide the most comfortable interventions possible.

All our hands-on treatments are conducted in private rooms. Your gym exercises are never in a crowded environment and are conducted under the supervision of a licensed medical provider you expect to see, no surprises!